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Why You Should Wear a Mask  

Reports from the United States and Iceland suggest that as many as 25-50% of people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms but may still spread the virus. It is essential for everyone to protect the environment that they are in by wearing masks, which in turn helps our health care system. 

Current Mask Policy in Canada   

The Government of Canada requires that all travelers wear a mask to cover their mouth and nose to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Most provincial governments have made it mandatory to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. 

In June, The World Health Organization recommended the used of three-layer masks. Read more.

In November, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer recommended that Canadians choose three-layer non-medical masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read more

Benefits of 3-Ply Masks  

3-ply means that a mask has three distinct layers that have specific tasks.  

  1. Outer Layer: repels any fluids, no matter how small, that are airborne. 
  2. Middle Layer: filters any germs  
  3. Inner Layer: absorbs any moisture leaving your mouth or any that may have gone through the first two layers.  


Made by Canadians for Canadians

We believe Canadians should have access to the best PPE products in the world. Our masks are designed by Canada’s top engineers to ensure only the highest quality materials are used. Our masks will keep you and your loved ones safe.

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